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It seemed a strange one, he was a performer. Photo Oddi various landings – For the record, there are many ferry landing in Peschiera Maraglio, from Sulzano, Iseo and more: the three plus three kilometers on foot on the island – to be added to the 4 and passes on the golden walkways – could also risparmiarmeli, but never mind.

Also because I made those return them accompanied by the pleasant self-conviction that the damned arrived at my own time – but without the starboard side of the boat – were still in line, moaning about the heat and curse humanity. Francesco Oddi  @ Jones_FO

March 10, 2019 – Milan After the victories of Trieste and Brindisi, the other match of the twenty-fifth day of the Serie A, which will end tomorrow night with the challenge between Reggio Emilia and Milan Davon Jefferson, 32 years.Lees verder

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